About SloppyTots...

We are a London based company that specialises in designing and creating exclusive, high quality, Nursery School smocks.

With over 20 years of experience, our team works meticulously to create a well designed, functional and perfectly branded garment for each of our clients.

A detailed specification sheet of colours, fabrics, style shapes and logos is created for each of our smocks and, always factored in, is comfort, functionality and durability.

All our smocks are made to order, to your specifications, right here in the UK.

We believe that our success comes from understanding that each school is unique

The SloppyTots approach is to work closely with you to gain a clear insight into your school’s image and ethos.

The whole process is a collaboration of ideas that ultimately results in a garment that is totally unique, totally bespoke and makes a big statement about your school.

We invite you to contact us today to see how, together, we can create a unique smock that you’ll be proud of and your children will love wearing.

We can also provide children’s activity aprons as well as adult size smocks and aprons for teachers and classroom staff. See photos on our gallery page.

"Thank you so much. Very impressed with the efficient service."

Young England Kindergarten

"I cannot thank you enough for doing this. I fear you have gone way beyond the call of duty. I really appreciate it."

The Acorn Nursery School

"Dear Jacqui, fantastic smocks!! Thank you so much.

The Willow

"Thank you for your beautiful work (as always!)."

The Bumble Bee School

"Fantastic Smocks!! Thank you so much."

Lara Steve 

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The smock is a functional garment and by incorporating your school’s logo it becomes a visual marketing resource that communicates who you are and can help set you apart from other nurseries in your area.

We currently supply 7 of the top 10 private nursery schools in London. Each is easily recognisable and identified by their distinctive smock design and branding.

Recently, we are finding that Day Nurseries as also benefiting from creating their own brand and we are working with many of them to help achieve this.


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